why everyone should have an orchard

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Whether you live in a skyscraper or a slum, everyone should have an orchard. Orchards nurture people, they give you air to breath and a living pantry to help you overcome skinny times. They keep the soil we live on, feed the bees that feed us. And if you use them creatively, they may even shelter you from nosy eyes, or keep out unwanted visitors.

Some potential benefits of (edible) greens in crowded spaces:

  • nutritional value
  • noise reduction
  • air purification
  • wind breaks
  • water absorption 
  • soil improvement
  • social impacts
  • added value to surrounding buildings & businesses (buildings can gain value, customers tend to stay longer in green environments)
  • improved health; providing high quality food sources, inviting people to healthier life styles
  • effects on human behaviour: green environments have shown to people focus and relax, prevent criminality & vandalism, improve learning skills & co-operation
  • increase bio diversity
  • reduce heat islands in stone environments
  • contribute to creating resilient, increasingly self-reliant communities
  • preserve traditional heritage