creating living pantries in crowded spaces

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Orchards, a.k.a. living pantries, air cleaners, wind breakers, water collectors, wonder zoos, hospitals for plants, animals and human minds.

Unfortunately, not all of us have a suitable backyard to host one. That’s why Mobile Orchards provides ways to create access to some type of orchard, wherever people are. It can be in a collaborative garden, in an urban forest, in tiny window-seat box, on a boat or on a bike, using vertical spaces or abandoned spaces.

We design:

  • Mobile Orchards – green, mobile & edible installations that require a minimum of time and input to maintain, providing you with a maximum harvest of at least 3 species. In addition, they may also help keep mosquitoes out, block spies, prevent burglars or reconnect to long lost friends. Check out the possibilities or ask for a custom made solution.

    – Mobile Orchards Surprise Kit
    – Tony’s Tree
    – Zwambank
  • Food Forests – designed to create a self maintaining edible forest, hosting a wide variety of species, food forests can serve a variety of functions, depending on their place & management.  Urban food forest cool down cities and may help communities connect and to become more self reliant. Like any food forest, they revive the soil, increase biodiversity & reduce damage from wind, floods, pollution and noise. Depending on local needs, we design the food forests that maximise ecological benefits or that maximise social and educational gains, providing opportunities to learn, meet & play in social spaces and outdoor classes.

    – Food Forest Zoetermeer, the Netherlands (upcoming)
  • Edible Gardens – turning your garden into a personalised mini market, where you can pick your favourite fruits, herbs, flowers and veggies at the time you want them most.  To help you identify your preferences & possibilities, we created a form which can help us advise you (Dutch only).

    – Najah’s edible suburbia
  • Public Spaces – whether it’s in a beautiful green park or on an abandoned parking lot, adding edible plants & trees can help people reconnect, feel safe and have access to free products that can boost nutritional intake. Connecting trees with stories and social installations may even boost social functions, and protect the plants you are trying to grow. By nurturing crops, you are nurturing communities.